Upcoming Walks

January to March 2024

Attendance is strictly by completing the booking form or telephoning the booking line.
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If you cannot make the walk after booking, please let the booking line know so another walker can be offered your place.
Please refrain from joining the walk unless you have booked by telephone or received your confirmation email.
Should you have any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend the walk and cancel your booking. This is to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment. Thank you.

Glossop Line, Saturday 13th January 2023
Glossop Circular

A 9 mile moderate walk led by Keith Povey.

Starting at 10:05 from Glossop Station, catch the 09:33 from Manchester Piccadilly to Glossop (arrives 10:03)

Route: Glossop Station - Whitefield Barn farm - Gnat Hole - Worm Stones - Harry Hut - Burnt Hill - Taiga Farm - Knarrs Nook - Whiteley Nab - Hobroyd Farm - Glossop Brook - Lower Dinting.

Returning from Glossop Station at 16:22 / 16:52 to Manchester Piccadilly.

Saturday 27th January 2023
New Mills Circular via Lantern Pike and Cown Edge

A 9.2 mile moderate walk from New Mills Central led by David Delahunty

Starting at 10:30 from New Mills Central Station, catch the 09:48 from Manchester Piccadilly (arrives 10:15), or the 8:30am bus replacement service from Sheffield (arrives 10:15, journey time is 1hr45mins)

Route: New Mills Station - Sett Valley Trail - Lantern Pike - Blackshaw Farm - Matley Moor -Cown Edge -Rowarth - Thornsett - Sett Valley Trail - New Mills Station

Returning from New Mills Central station at 16:47 to Manchester Piccadilly, or the 16:30 /17:30 bus replacement service to Sheffield, journey time is 1hr45mins).

Buxton Line, Saturday 10th February 2024
Middlewood to Whaley Bridge

A 7 mile moderate walk from Middlewood led by Elaine Hawthorne

Starting at 9:30 from Middlewood Station, catch the 08:51 from Manchester Piccadilly.

Route: Middlewood Station - Ladybrook Valley - Cage - Lantern Wood - The Dipping Stone-Toddbrook - Whaley Bridge Station.

Returning from Whaley Bridge station at 14:04 to Manchester Piccadilly.

Glossop Line, Saturday 24th February 2024
Bleaklow Circular

A 7 mile moderate/strenuous walk led by David Delahunty.

Starting at 9:40 from Glossop Station, catch the 9:03 from Manchester Piccadilly to Glossop (arrives 9:33)

Route: Glossop station – Manor park - Doctors Gate path – Crooked Clough – Higher Shelf Stones – Lower Shelf Stones – James’s Thorn - Mossy Lea farm – Manor park – Glossop station

Returning from Glossop Station at 16:22/16:52 to Manchester Piccadilly.

Hope Valley Line, Saturday 9th March 2024
Bamford Circular

An 11 mile moderate walk from Bamford led by Lynda Lancaster.

Starting at 9:45 from Bamford station, catch the 8:48 from Manchester Piccadilly to Bamford (arrives 9:40) or the 9:14 from Sheffield (arrives 9:36)

Route: Bamford Station – Thornhill/Thornhill Carrs -Win Hill Plantation – Woodlands Valley – Hope Cross – Ladybower Reservoir – Yorkshire Bridge - Bamford

Returning from Bamford Station at 16:36 to Manchester Piccadilly, 16:41 to Sheffield.

Buxton Line, Saturday 23rd March 2024
Buxton Circular

A 9.5 mile moderate walk from Buxton led by David Delahunty.

Starting at 10:00 from Buxton station, catch the 8:51 from Manchester Piccadilly to Buxton.

Route: Buxton Station - Flint Clough - Black Edge - Hob Tor - Short Edge - Castle Naze - Combs Edge - Moss House Farm - Corbar Hill - Buxton Station.

Returning from Buxton Station at 16:15/16: 46 to Manchester Piccadilly.