About Us

Aims and Objectives
  • To promote Health & Well-being (physical, social & psychological)
  • To encourage Social Inclusivity (i.e. all genders / ages / cultures / abilities)
  • To encourage greater use of public transport to access the Peak District.
  • To promote and encourage a greater appreciation of the countryside.
  • To offer a varied programme of guided walks.
  • To increase the number of people attending the walks.

Equal Opportunity Statement...
Genuine equality in action means at Transpeak Walks we:-
  • recognise everyone is unique and that we all have a right to be an individual
  • value one another's ability, culture, religion, gender and lifestyle even when it may be different from our own
  • believe equality is a human right and we understand it is protected by law
  • oppose negative discrimination
  • offer and provide equal chances for everyone
  • challenge superiority and never endorse the concept of inferiority
  • see the worth of living in a diverse society that embraces culture, language and origin.